Express Pedicure (20 Mins)

To accommodate our client’s busy schedule, our Express Pedicure would maintain the nails they want in addition to getting a quick break from reality. This includes nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming, pumice stone scrub, and the color of your choice (2-minute foot & calf massage)
Hydration Pedicure (30 Mins)

Designed to moisturize, revitalize and hydrate the skin, this Includes nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming pumice stone scrub, mint scrub, hot towel, and a choice of color. (5-minute foot & calf massage)
Hot Cream Pedicure (35 Mins)

Perfect for overworked foot This pedicure features an intensive hydration mask, leaving your feet soothed & softened. (5-minute foot & calf massage)
Herbal Pedicure (40 Mins)

Using the natural power of green tea, herbs & rose petals, this pedicure relieves stress & fatigue. (5-minute foot & calf massage)
Jell-Ous Crystal Foot Soak Pedicure (40 Mins)

The soaking and exfoliating crystal jell & fragrant oils in this pedicure hydrate soften feet & reduce sweating & odor, making it the perfect way to pamper yourself. (5-minute foot & calf massage) Choose your favorite scent: Sweet Citrus, Charcoal, Rose, Milk & Honey, Tea Tree, Pearl Glow Pineapple Breeze, Cannabis Sativa.
Vegan Spa Pedicure (45 Mins)

Pamper your feet with this exfoliating & hydrating spa that features a vegan sugar scrub & cool warm Mud Masque. It also includes paraffin wax; your skin will thank you! (Paraffin Wax & 5-minute foot & calf massage) Choose your favorite scent: Almond Oatmeal, Guava Passion, Mandarin Honey, Colada Sparkle, Lavender Verbena, Pomegranate Lime, Euca Mint, Dream Lemon, Strawberry Cranberry, Exotic Mango, Lemongrass Ginger, Vanilla Wild Plum, Grapefruit Surprise, Lime Zest, White Tea.
Organic Deluxe Pedicure (50 Mins)

Enjoy a high-end spa experience with effective and healthy organic products! Containing certified organic ingredients, this pedicure upholds a higher standard of beauty with a complete system that deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. (Paraffin wax & 10-minute foot & calf hot stone massage) Choose your favorite scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Melon Mango, Peony Orchid, French Lavender, Vervain, Magnolia Lychee Raspberry, Hawaii Citrus, Mother of Pearl, Jasmine.
Collagen Organic Pedicure (60 Mins)

This fresh, organic pedicure is the best soothing and easing therapy for your anxiety, which helps you calm all your senses, soothe your exhausted body and perfect your stressed-out skin. It also provides deep moisturizing to fine lines and wrinkles. (Paraffin wax & 10-minute foot & calf hot stone massage)
Spa Ritual Pedicure (65 Mins)

Our specialty eco-friendly pedicure excludes any harsh chemicals and is nontoxic. This remarkable certified line of organic spa products banishes dry, rough skin, leaving your feet radiant, smooth, and healthy. A perfect blend of our organic and vegan herbs, salt, and essential oils for unique treatments is also designed to relieve aching feet & calf. (Paraffin Wax & 10-minute foot & calf hot stone massage)
Heavenly Pampered Spa (75 Mins)

Our luxury pedicure will take you to heaven with its dream ingredients that are great for exfoliating your feet, keeping the skin healthy by removing dead skin cells as well as stimulating circulation, leaving your feet looking smoother, brighter, and more refined. The use of the Mineral Sea Salt Glow scrub, Sugar Crystal scrub, & Mud Masque, combined with crystal jell, fragrant oils, aromatherapy hot stone massage, collagen mask products are an ideal blend to exfoliate & hydrate skin & relieve tension. (Paraffin wax & 15-minute toot & calf hot stone massage)
Men's Sports Pedicure (40 Mins)

The perfect service for a working man! Focusing on massage therapy & foot health, all necessary calluses are preserved while still exfoliating & hydrating with a Sea Salt Scrub.(5-min foot & call massage)
*Callus removal treatment for a pedicure – additional $7

Hydration Manicure
Hot Cream Manicure
Herbal Manicure
Hydration Gel Manicure
Vegan Spa Manicure
Collagen Spa Manicure
Organic Deluxe Manicure
Men's Manicure

With a Sea Salt Scrub to hydrate skin & cuticle grooming, nail trimming & filing, this manicure is just the thing to make sure your hands look as sharp as you do!

Simply Delightful

(Hydration Manicure & Pedicure)
Gel Manicure & Pedicure
Gel Mani & Gel Pedi
Your Private Retreat

(Hydration Manicure & Pedicure, Eyebrow Wax & Full Set)
Acrylic Full Set
Powder Gel Color Full Set
Radical Gel Color Full Set
Sparkle & Pop Signature
Sparkle & Pop Signature with Gel

(Vegan Spa Manicure, Vegan Spa Pedicure, Eyebrows Wax & Refresher Facial)
Sparkle & Pop Bridal Suite
Sparkle & Pop Bridal Suite with Gel

(Organic Deluxe Manicure, Heavenly Pamper Spa Pedicure, Eyebrow Wax, Exclusive Collagen Lifting Facial)
Sparkle & Pop Royal Treatment
Sparkle & Pop Royal Treatment With Gel

(Vegan Spa Manicure, Vegan Spa Pedicure, Eyebrows Wax, Mink Eyelash Extensions & Deluxe European Facial)
Designed for short, weak, and damaged nails. Nail extensions give extra length and strength while retaining a natural look.
Acrylic Reg. Polish $50 $35
Acrylic Gel Color $60 $45
Powder Gel Reg. Polish $45 $35
Powder Gel Color $60 $50
Pink & White $75 $60
Gelous Dipping Powder
SNS-Dipping $50
Vitamin Dip
Cuticle grooming, adds Vitamin E & Calcium for stronger, healthier nails. $60
Add Extension Tip $5
UV Radical Liquid Gel $65 $55
Gel Color $65 $50
Pink & White $70 $65
Gel Polish Change $30
Polish Change Hands $15
Polish Change Feet $20
French Tips $10
Shiny Buff $5
Nail Art/ Design $5/Ea
Gel $5
SNS $10
Acrylic Take-off $15
Cuticle Cut $10
Special Shaping $5
Paraffin Wax $10
Hot Stone $10 & Up
Chrome $5 & Up

(10 years old & under)
Manicure & Pedicure

Includes soak, cut, file, and lotion.
Polish Change Hands/ Feet
Nail Art 2 Nails
Honey Chocolate
Eyebrow $13 $15
Chin $11 $13
Upper Lip $10 $12
Lower Lip $7 $8
Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin $31 $35
Sideburns $17 $19
Side of Face $24 $26

Whole Face
$45 $48
Underarms $22 $25
Upper Arms $33 $35
Lower Arms $30

Full Arms $45 $45
Upper Half Legs $43 $45
Lower Half Legs $37 $40
Full Legs $58 $63
Whole Back $55 $58
Upper Back $45 $47
Lower Back $38 $42
Bikini Line $30 $33
Brazilian $58 $60

Refresher Facial/ Series of 5
$45 / $200
Deluxe European Facial/ Series of 5
$65 / $295
Sparkle & Pop Rejuvenate Facial/ Series of 5
$85 / $380
Sensitive Skin Facial/ Series of 5
$75 / $355
Acne Skin Facial/ Series of 4
$90 / $320
Sparkle & Pop Excl. Collagen Lifting / Series of 4
$100 / $360

60% Fullness $100
80% Fullness $120
100% Fullness $150
Touch Up Every 2 Weeks $80

60% Fullness $110
80% Fullness $130
100% Fullness $160
Touch up every 2 weeks $90
Eyelash Removal
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting
Eyelash Lifting
Eyebrow Tattoo
Eyeliners (Upper & Lower)
Lip Liner
Full Lip Color With
3D Eyebrow Microblading
Permanent Removal